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Herbie was born in the beautiful city of Montego Bay, Jamaica — home to some of the greatest musical giants, athletes – and world changers. When he had the opportunity to vacation in Toronto, Canada, as a young man, Herbie fell in love with the city. Before returning home to Jamaica, he had already made the decision that Toronto would be his new home – and he made plans to relocate there. So began a new chapter in Herbie’s life. In his childhood days, Herbie had been severely impacted by being bullied. This led him to meet the legendary Canadian boxing trainer, Joe Hajnal. While working with Joe, Herbie was immediately pegged as an extremely gifted and naturally talented boxer. Herbie enjoyed his time in boxing, an he took from his boxing career a lifetime of great friendships, countless good memories, and most importantly, as he puts it, :
“My dedication and commitment to work hard and sacrifice through pain and adversity to succeed. Everyday life is the same way. And you must NEVER QUIT. If you get knocked down, get back up and fight hard, give all you got till the last bell.”
Herbie was quoted as saying :
“I believe that when you enter the ring, you don’t do so alone. The referee, your opponent, death and yourself are always active participants. Anyone of them can stop the fight at any moment.”
Through his boxing career, and beyond — Herbie has never lost his burning desire to sing. Herbie says he developed his love for singing by listening to his mother sing every Sunday night while she washed clothes and ironed for the family. Her inspiration would give him the drive to make FABULUS music. Now, with the help of the Juno award winning, very talented artist/producer Errol Starr, Herbie Fabulus has started his journey in music – and his original songs are expected to become musical standards…, particularly his favorite/roots…REGGAE. Herbie Fabulus would like you to remember that all thing are possible for you and to you. If you believe in yourself, pay your dues, work hard, work smart, think big, do not quit or give up, FOCUS, take action, and communicate daily with GOD for instructions and directions.

You can never win by yourself.

You must also help others along the way.

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